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Download your copy of Aspire's Salary Guide 2018

We contacted clients and used our own internal salary guides for the sectors we recruit into to put together a definitive guide for almost every role we hire for.

Years of experience and transparent communication with our clients has enabled us to put together these salary brackets to help benchmark sectors and roles. This is essential for companies to understand the worth of their current and future employees for hiring and budgeting forecasts, but also this guide is invaluable for candidates to compare themselves against their peers and calculate how they can progress fairly in their role and industry.

"Attracting and retaining talent in APAC is a constant battle. In order to attract international talent, companies need to remain competitive with their remuneration and set accurate budgets when putting in place their talent strategy. With the ever-changing landscape, this Salary Guide gives you a solid benchmark for you to achieve this." -- Katie Holmes, Regional Director (APAC)

Singapore 2018 Salary Guide Quote

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